What you need

You don’t need any extra or specialist equipment to use Tute. Pupils will need a PC with internet access via a browser, ideally via Chrome or IE, and the latest version of Adobe Flash installed.


You will also need a headset with inbuilt microphone to be able to talk with and listen to the teacher, plus a webcam if you want to be seen.


For the best results we recommend a wired connection to the internet.There are no other requirements.

Audio Support


How to get the best out of your audio experience?


To get the best experience, Tute recommends using a headset with a mic. The tabs to the right help you to ensure that your audio is working properly.


There is also a comprehensive audio checker to make sure that you can check everything is running smoothly prior to a lesson

Occasionally your browser will ask for permission you use your mic. This appears below the address bar of your browser. Click “allow” for full mic access


Visual support


Tute lessons run using Flash. Let’s see if you’re up to date.

Online lessons run using Flash. The minimum requirement is version 11.7. Check your version of Flash. Download the latest version of Flash.

Lessons can also run in most browsers. If you are experiencing any issues accessing your lessons we recommend you try using Google Chrome.